Our programs are developed using the latest science. They are customized based on your unique needs related to mental health and wellbeing, stress management and performance enhancement.




All our services can be done in-person or online via Skype or Zoom. Rates available upon request. Click here if you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a free consultation.


We partner with you by doing a full evaluation of current status and recommending steps to develop or enhance your workplace mental health and wellbeing programs. Get started with a free 20-minute consultation.


Our coaching incorporates a range of cognitive, behavioral and problem-solving techniques and strategies. Our sessions are customized to enable individuals to develop skills to overcome existing obstacles and achieve their goals.

We specialize in supporting our clients to attain their goals related to:

  • Managing their Stress
  • Enhancing their performance
  • Improving their health and wellbeing


Developed using science-based content, our interactive workshops incorporate tools and exercises to support the mental health and wellbeing developed using science-based content, our interactive workshops incorporate tools and exercises to support the mental
health and wellbeing of your employees and enable them to increase their productivity. 

Examples of workshops we have designed:

  • New! “Staying focused and motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic” provides tools to be better equipped to respond to the current challenges. Life as we used to know it has been affected during the past months economically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is natural to be worried about what the future may look like. However, being constantly worried can lead us to unwanted stress and anxiety. Participants learn strategies to stay centered and engaged, and increase their motivation and resilience so they can better manage the current situation and strive towards managing a better future.
  • “Improving brain health” increases participants’ understanding of how the brain works and the steps one can take to maintain a healthy brain.
  • Managing stress” explains the biology and effects of stress. Participants learn a wide range of coping strategies to manage their stress effectively.
  • Becoming more mindful” is designed to help individuals to become more self-aware and engaged in their daily life. Participants learn the neuroscience behind mindfulness. They practice breathing and meditation techniques and learn how to maintain a mindful life.
  • Understanding wellbeing” explains the key elements of wellbeing. Participants learn strategies to look after their wellbeing and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Discovering the impact of one’s posture and facial expressions demonstrates the science behind how posture and facial expressions affect not only how one is perceived, but also influence one’s self-esteem and emotional state. Participants learn and practice healthy expressions and postures.


What our clients say

“Adriana is an excellent professional and person. We have relied on her invaluable collaboration for years, giving talks, workshops and strategic consulting. She has contributed and helped Human resources and talent management teams with her knowledge and expertise on well-being and performance. She helps companies by assisting their teams to strengthen their levels of resilience and learn to manage stress, increasing their productivity and happiness in the workplace. Without a doubt, the practical tips and tools based on science that Adriana provides, are applicable and work since the first session. In short, her contributions are always excellent and many have changed the way they face their daily life and work. Thank you Adriana, for your passion and professionalism! ”

Marta de Llauder Santomá, General Manager, Talent Point

“I had the opportunity to meet Adriana Covarrubias in a talk at the school Teresianas de Ganduxer (Barcelona) in the Smart Communication Skills workshop. The topic she delivered was Non-verbal and postural communication. Adriana surprised me enormously with her message and professional analysis on how postural attitude affects us and conditions our personal, academic and professional development, and even in the face of illness. Among the points that she discussed was the smile. I have made a motto of my own thanks to Adriana, “the strength of a smile”. She uncovered how the simple act of making the gesture of smiling affects us. Smiling without being happy, smiling without desire, the experience is that smiling makes you more positive, smiling transmits enthusiasm, smiling saves us. To the one who reads this, make the gesture smile, everything changes. “

Mª Eugenia Nin, Lawyer 

“I have been fortunate to collaborate with Adriana on various projects and it is always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and optimism that she brings. Adriana is meticulous, open to new ideas and has an innate ability to empathize with people and get the best out of them. “

Marisol Escalera